Vitakraft Cat Grass Eco-Friendly Rumput Kucing Seeds Full Set 120g
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Brand Vitakraft
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Vitakraft cat grass is a grow your own grass mix containing selected, highly germinable special seeds with high levels of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 6 x 14 x 26cm 


  • Cat Grass stimulates digestion and helps cats to cough up hairballs in their stomachs.
  • A premium food supplement that grows in enriched mineral soil without any chemical additives and is loved by all cats.
  • This quality seed mix will allow you to feed your pet fresh, natural greenery at any time of the year.

How to Plant ? 

1) Soak the seed and crystal balls separately with cold water for 8 - 10 hours.

2) Pour the crystal balls into the container, after that pour the seed.

3) Close the container, you can only open it once the seed is germinated/budding (tumbuh).

4) Can be consumed in 7-8 days.


►Please allow tiny error due to manual measurement.

►Actual colour may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, lighting brightness and other factors.

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