Whimzee Chew Toy/ Apple Stick
Price RM2.80


Brand: Whimzees
From: Holland

Weight: 60g
Expired date for Crocodile: 2/2021

Expired date for toothbrush: 12/2021

Whimzees Toothbrush Made with Natural, Grain & Gluten free.

  • Perfectly Safe for Small Animals.
  • One packet consist of 19 small toothbrush
  • Excellent for Dental Care, Healthier Teeth.
  • Please take it out if your hamster treated it as main food.
  • Put the product inside the cage every 2-3days to let your hamster grind its teeth and take it out.
  • The packaging and description of the product stated that it was dog chew, but this product is prefectly safe for hamster and other small pets.
  • You can google all the information online, do not purchase it if you have any doubt.


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